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East Midlands Data

East Midlands Data

A key objective of EMEDRs is to help individuals and organisations navigate and make sense of the wealth of economic data that is now openly available for study. Key to this is keeping track of what data exists, how it can be accessed, and how we can coordinate activities to avoid repetition. Here is a list of data sets we know of and sites that allow understanding and/or visualisation of that data. We also provide some examples of the resources available on each site. We are updating this list and so keen to know of any data sources we are missing.

Regional and County level analysis

Derbyshire Observatory

Wealth of data on Derbyshire with infographics, area profiles and interactive maps and charts.

Leicestershire and Rutland Statistics and Research

Wealth of data on Leicestershire and Rutland include area profiles and reports. Also see the Business Intelligence Service page of Leicestershire County Council for interactive data maps and charts.

Lincolnshire Research Observatory

Wealth of data on Lincolnshire including area profiles and briefs and a mapping tool.

Midlands Engine

Data and research for the Midlands

Nottingham Insight

Basic data on Nottingham. The open data portal contains data from the City Council.

Open Leicester

Data from Leicester City Council including map and chart builders.

National resources

Centre for Cities

Some very user friendly data tools for Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Northampton and Mansfield. Lots of other data summaries, such as the unemployment tracker.

Companies House data

Free Company Data Product from Companies House provide downloadable files of company data. Can also view company data on the register.

Consumer Data Research Centre

“The Consumer Data Research Centre is the UK’s leading source of consumer data, part of the ESRC’s Big Data Programme.” Loads of open data is available and a great mapping tool. E.g. Map of Index of Multiple Deprivation, Map of ‘consumer vulnerability’ and Map of Life expectancy at birth.

Local Government Association

The local area benchmarking tool allows comparison across local authorities with easy to produce reports and statistics. For instance this report looks at the impact of benefit reforms on Leicester.

MHCLG Official Statistics

The MHCLG Open Data tool has data on housing, planning, energy efficiency and deprivation. This dashboard for Leicester illustrates the data available.

Nomis Official Labour Market Statistics

The go to website for ONS datasets from the Annual Population Survey, Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, Business Register and Claimant Count. Local area profiles are easily available.

Topic specific resources


Labour market statistics by location. See, for instance, the latest stats for Leicester.

Community Wellbeing Index

This Index offers data by postcode or location. Produced by the Co-op.

NFIB Fraud and Cyber Crime Dashboard

You can find Action Fraud data on fraud and cyber crime in the East Midlands and county level.

ONS Data on Wellbeing

You can find ONS data on wellbeing at local authority level for the last 10 years.

Police UK

Data on crime rates by local region.